Redefining the Cancer Treatment Experience for Patients, Families, and Healthcare Providers with Nitric Oxide

At Beyond Cancer, we’re focused on harnessing the power of ultra-high-concentration nitric oxide to engage the immune system and prevent solid tumor metastases and relapse with our proprietary technology. It’s an innovative, targeted treatment approach with immunogenic results.

At the patient level, our goal is to provide cancer patients and their families with the confidence that their disease will not recur or metastasize. On a global scale, we’re poised to potentially reduce a leading cause of death—cancer.1,2

A Cancer Treatment with a
Powerful Systemic Response

This is a completely new approach to preventing relapse or metastatic disease—Ultra-high-concentration Nitric Oxide (UNO) therapy—that is poised to become a new cancer treatment alternative. In vitro mouse data show that local tumor ablation stimulates an antitumor immune response in murine colon and breast cancer cells.

The result? The potential to prevent relapse or metastatic disease in as little as a single dose with limited toxicity or off-target effects using a nonsystemic approach that takes approximately 5 minutes.

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The Beyond Cancer management team has deep experience in oncology. In addition, they will leverage the expertise at Beyond Air which has already proven the ability to safely harness the power of nitric oxide to treat respiratory disease.

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References: 1. Cancer. World Health Organization. March 3, 2021. Accessed September 14, 2021.; 2. Cancer. World Health Organization. Accessed September 14, 2021.

A Cancer Treatment with a Powerful Systemic Response

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